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Time flies ⌚️🚀…

… and as some of you start questioning if the INNOVATION YACHTS – ANT ARCTIC LAB project still goes on in 2022, I can give you a straight YES ‼️ 😃👍

BUT, at the same time I must ask you to wait a few more weeks before we can give you all details for 2022. At the moment we are as INNOVATION YACHTS very busy with the final assembling of our IY LBV35 ⛵️⛵️ which we developed for La Bella Verde and have several other projects in negotiation.

Looks like our unique material concept ♻️ gains more and more interest and we are happy about this 😃!
Our IY LBV35 Catamaran will be the world’s first fully recyclable ♻️ serial catamaran ⛵️⛵️! Several parts on the IY LBV35 prototype are already produced from recycled materials!

Next Monday will be the mast stepping, on Wednesday the launching and then the certification ‼️
Actually, we calculate that this procedure will be ready by the end of November and then “let’s go” and bring our Open60AAL ⛵️ in our Shipyard for a complete service check and the necessary update on the electrical drive and hydro generator system.

Again, many many thanks for your patience and your interest in the ANT ARCTIC LAB project!

I wish you all a great weekend🌞🍂!
Stay healthy and all the best,