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This Year…

… The OPEN60AAL ‘Innovation Yachts’ is in perfect condition but the skipper is not. The PSA test was not ok so I decided to do some additional tests. The result came back clear that my prostate has a little problem, which needs to be sorted out as soon as possible. In between of course some sailing on the boat while taking care of my health and Innovation Yachts’ day to day business.

Incidentally, in today’s news, a two-man crew of a sailboat that docked in Makkovik (Canada) were arrested and taken by police to be dealt with by the Canadian Border Services Agency.

There are restrictions in place due to COVID-19 until at least end of October in the Arctic and surrounding areas. Therefore it was a sensible decision for us to postpone the start to next year.

We will keep you up to date and continue to concentrate developments of INNOVATION YACHTS and look forward to the start of the ANT ARCTIC LAB project in 2021!!