The Open60AAL – which was designed and developed by Innovation Yachts – will deliver ultimate proof of quality, safety, functionality and durability of the Innovation Yachts philosophy.

It’s being built using 100% sustainable and recyclable materials and the project will test to the limits “real” boat building solutions – such as recyclable composites, harmless matrix systems and natural core materials.

No fossil fuel! The Open60AAL is fully electric with 2 Oceanvolt sail drive electric engine acting also as hydro generator to generate power while under sail.
Energy is also generated by solar panels and both enable the Open60AAL to be energy self sufficient.

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Hull Length

18,28 m / 60 ft

Hull Beam

5,82 m

Special Materials

Volcanic fiber /
Balsa Core

Technical Details

Hull length: 18.28 m
Hull beam: 5.82 m
Displacement: 9,500 kg
Draft: 4.50 m
Air-draught: 29.00 m
Material: volcanic fiber

Sail area
Full batten main sail: 170 m²
Big Gennaker: 400 m²
Middle Gennaker: 300 m²
Small Gennaker: 200 m²
Code 0: 140 m²
Genoa: 120 m²
Solent: 110 m²
Staysail: 35 m²
Stormjib: 20 m²

Engine / Energy

8 x Solar panels fix installed: 400W
2 x Solar panels portable: 100W

Architectur / Design

Concept and Design : Norbert Sedlacek Koch, Marion Koch
Architectur : Marion Koch, Vincent Lebailly