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Now it‘s confirmed!

Therefore, first of all sorry to all followers on our website and social media platforms that we were silent for a few days, but we had to take an important decision which will surprise you!

As Covid still stresses the world, the Canadian Government decided to forbid all pleasure craft navigation in Canadian Arctic waters also for the upcoming season, means in summer 2021.
As it is now the second season in which the Canadian Government takes the decision to block the Northwest Passage by law, which I respect, I decided not to wait longer and sail the ANT ARCTIC LAB Project on the ‼️ alternative route ‼️ 🌍🌏 which you can see on the new map 🗺️.

The ANT ARCTIC LAB record attempt, to sail ⛵️ single-handed, nonstop and without assistance, all 5 Oceans incl. Arctic and Antarctic Ocean around the world will highlight the climate change and the Innovation Yachts yacht-building concept, which is fully sustainable and recyclable high-end quality.

Of course also this routing will be monitored and confirmed by the WSSRC (World Sailing Speed Record Council).

The route in an overview is now from Les Sables d’Olonne course northwest, until west of the British islands and then straight up north passing easterly of Iceland and arriving the archipelago of Svalbard, with its biggest island Spitzbergen.

‼️ Rounding Svalbard ‼️ from east to west on around 80°N, which is higher in the Arctic as the Northwest-Passage, the course will go south, passing west of Iceland, Acores and Cap Verde Islands to get finally into the ‼️ Southern Ocean ‼️.

Now the course will be set straight east, passing the Longitude of Cape of Good Hope, Cape Leeuwin, Tasmania, Stewart Island and finally Cape Hoorn before sailing course north back to Les Sables d’Olonne.

In respect of this route, we changed the ‼️ departure date to 15th August 2021 ‼️ 🗓️, because I will be faster in the Arctic waters. Finally, the overall distance is at least 32 000 nautical miles, which is comparable to the other routing incl. the Northwest-Passage.

The record attempt through the Northwest-Passage? I will try it later, when Covid is under control and the passage is open again by Canadian Law!