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Happy New Year

Dear Partners, Friends and Fans,

A year with a lot of unexpected challenges is over and I am happy that Project ANT ARCTIC LAB and Innovation Yachts were able “to sail ⛵through this global storm 🌬” successfully!

But of course, there were some bad moments when the Canadian Government with his Covid 🦠 restrictions and my personal health 💉🩺status made a 3rd ANT ARCTIC LAB departure impossible!

I would lie if I say that I was not stressed! But anyway, even in these hard times two new partners joined the project and therefore helped us to keep on going!

GRIMM AEROSOL TECHNIK, by DURAG GROUP, the world’s leader in air pollution measurements installed a hardware on bord which will measure the pollution along this global turn in connection with the positions. Finally, this information will help creating a paper 🔬📝 which shows how global wind systems carry industrial pollution all over our planet.

Our second new partner, STAR7 transforms ideas, projects and processes in, for anyone understandable, information. Therefor STAR7 is predestined to bring as much information as possible about our project, the turn and these aspects to the people 📖📞!

But finally, I want to thank 👍🤝👏 all our partners from the bottom of my heart ❤️ and in the name of our team for joining and supporting project ANT ARCTIC LAB, which will prove in 2021 that the nautical industry can not only push the borders of sailing records! This industry has an enormous potential to become cleaner ♻️ while also pushing the quality ✅ and comfort borders to a next level.

This is the main reason while I am happy to be the skipper of our unique INNOVATION YACHTS Open60AAL ⛵️ and I am sure that with your help project ANT ARCTIC LAB will write history!

“Happy New Year” 🎉🎈, stay healthy and see you on 18th July 2021 in Les Sables d’Olonne!
All the best,