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100 days to departure ⏰…

… on 12th July!
We are ready to go but the Corona 🦠 crises blocks us from launching⛵️🌊.

As we understand the danger of this pandemic and the importance of social distancing we respect and support 100% the decision of several governments to “freeze” ❄️ public life and therefore try to flatten the infection curve. So some staff stays at home and we are working 🔧just with two of our foremen.

We work on several small but important topics like the installation of the GRIMM Aerosol Machine or the final works on our LAVA330 🛶⛵️ prototype.

Actually we calculate that our Open60AAL ⛵️, and the LAVA330 Dinghy, will be launched beginning of Mai and this will be fine to be ready for several test legs and media appointments mid to end of Mai.

Finally we wish you a great weekend, please be prudent and “stay healthy”!

Thanks a lot to everybody who keeps the system running, especially to all the medical staff 😷👏!!

All the best,