on 18th July 2021


The world has apparently never been more accessible. What was once the realm of pioneers and explorers is now within reach for all of us. And there is also a common perception that the world territories have been all chartered. But aren’t they really?

With a mission to re-evaluate the meaning of sailing round-the-world and to shape the future of ocean odysseys, the ANT ARCTIC LAB project will be undertaking one of the last greatest maritime adventures in the world.


The aim of the AAL project is to sail around the world including by the Arctic and Antarctic oceans nonstop and without assistance. The journey will start on 18th July 2021 from Les Sables d’Olonne (FRA) heading to the Bering Strait via the North Atlantic and the North West passage. Then, the ride will continue across the whole Pacific Ocean to finally rounding Cape Horn.

A circumnavigation of the Antarctic in the Southern Oceans, leaving Cape of Good Hope and Leeuwin on portside, will lead to a second time at Cape Horn to ultimately heading North through the Atlantic Oceans to cross the finish line in Les Sables d’Olonne.

Designed and constructed by Innovation Yachts, the Open60AAL is built from volcanic rock fiber, balsa wood and biocompatible epoxy. Beyond the choice of 100% sustainable and recyclable materials, the development of this innovative and ecological construction increases safety and performance.

The ANT ARCTIC LAB project will take its skipper Norbert Sedlacek Koch to the edge of uncertainty, by attempting a sailing performance that has never been achieved. It is an extreme navigation and unique endurance challenge in line with the great maritime exploits.

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