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Successful start in the new season

The Düsseldorf boat show is over and many new contacts have been added to our to-do list.

Before we rush into this exciting year Marion and I allow ourselves a few days of “filling up our batteries” on the Canary Islands. At the same time I meet some old friends and enjoy a fresh breeze from the north east on the beach under the palm trees at 23°C 🙂

Below you can find the timetable for this year’s ANT ARCTIC LAB project:

26th March          Launching of Open60AAL Innovation Yachts; followed by one month of optimization, rigg trim and adjustments

11th May          Leaving for prolog sailing Les Sables d’Olonne – Azores – Les Sables d’Olonne; with this sailing are connected final adjustment works, crosschecking of all systems and the whole equipment

A few weeks of personal preparation as well as the stowage and preparations of the whole equipment on board will follow

21st July          Departure project ANT ARCTIC LAB world record attempt