The Open60AAL – which was designed and developed by Innovation Yachts – will deliver ultimate proof of quality, safety, functionality and durability of the Innovation Yachts philosophy.

It’s being built using 100% sustainable and recyclable materials and the project will test to the limits “real” boat building solutions – such as recyclable composites, harmless matrix systems and natural core materials.

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Hull Length

18,28 m / 60 ft

Hull Beam

5,82 m

Special Materials

Volcanic fiber /
Balsa Core

Technical Details

Hull length: 18.28 m
Hull beam: 5.82 m
Displacement: 9,500 kg
Draft: 4.50 m
Air-draught: 29.00 m
Material: volcanic fiber

Sail area
Full batten main sail: 170 m²
Big Gennaker: 400 m²
Middle Gennaker: 300 m²
Small Gennaker: 200 m²
Code 0: 140 m²
Genoa: 120 m²
Solent: 110 m²
Staysail: 35 m²
Stormjib: 20 m²

Architectur / Design

Concept and Design : Norbert Sedlacek Koch, Marion Koch
Architectur : Marion Koch, Vincent Lebailly