icelimit 600

20. November 2000-03. March 2001

The Project
Non-stop race in the extreme southern latitudes / Cape Town - Cape Town

Duration time
93 days

14,315 nautical miles (nm) ( 26000 km)

Average nautical day
154 nm at sea level (270 km)

Best nautical day
211 nm (360 km)

Worst nautical day
59 nm (108 km)

Maximum width
62° S

Maximum wind speed
74 ktn (138 km/h)

Largest wave height according to Australian Weather Service
9-11 m

Maximum speed in surf
25,6 ktn

Lowest temperature
-6° C in the windshield

Lowest wind chill temperature
about -45° C

Lowest pressure
971 hpa.

Extreme situations
29th racing day: 6 bft, climbed the mast 3-4 m to release a furler of the genoa sail
51st racing day: largest southern latitude of 62 ° South, the same extreme icebergs concentration, two hours of sailing with a broken autopilot
80th racing day: long sail in the sea full of icebergs at 51 ° South


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