Our partners for many years have been with us for many projects. Whether it has been Vendée Globe, Proof of Principle and other projects.

In addition to her support we received from them, they also take advantage of our public relations and the experience with testing supplies and equipment under extreme conditions.

Innovation Yachts

Innovation Yachts

Goal of Innovation Yachts, developed by Yacht Construction Consulting GmbH is the production of high Performance sailing yachts, which are sustainable, harmless to health and recyclable. In the frame of our ANT-ARCTIC-LAB project, the production and material concept, which has been developed by Norbert Sedlacek Koch and Marion Koch, will provide the proof for quality, safety, functionality and longevity.



Yacht Construction Consulting - YCC

YCC Logo KleinYCC is the company which stands behind the development and design of ANT-ARCTIC-LAB and Open60.  The goal of the company corresponds to its name, to advise and to assist the customers looking for a perfect boat in construction, renovation and repair of the boats.



3A Composites AirexBaltekBanova

3A Composites Airex Baltek Banova3A Composites AirexBaltekBanova is market leader in core materials. Specifically, their new range of sustainable materials will be crucial to the success of the ANT-ARCTIC-LAB prototype. The ANT-ARCTIC-LAB challenge will be the perfect laboratory for the ultimate proof of quality of their products as well as highlighting future opportunities for the development of AIREX®, BALTEK® and BANOVA® products.



Isomatex S.A.


The company ISOMATEX was founded in 2005 in Belgium. It is the leading producer of enhanced volcanic rock filaments. ISOMATEX products are distributed under the trademark FILAVA™. Especially the surface hardness, the acid- and temperature resistance as well as the high tensile- and compressive strength are unique in this fibre segment. At the same time ISOMATEX integrates itself also seamlessly in the sustainability thoughts of our ANT-ARCTIC-LAB project with its environmentally friendly, innovative technological processes, e.g. closed water process circulation.



Kapsch Group

KapschKapsch Group is an Austrian family business group which provides technology and related solutions for intelligent transport systems, telecommunications and business networks.




Partner bto epoxy Logo HP 275

For project ANT-ARCTIC-LAB bto-epoxy has developed a resin system, which is not only harmless to health and sustainable, but also withstands the biggest temperature variations and high mechanical stresses.




ktc lab hpKTC Lab is a unique development platform for exceptional athletes and sports teams specializes in the development and production of premium high-tech sportswear recently launched by KTC Limited, a global pioneer in high-tech sportswear.
KTC is headquartered in Hong Kong with offices in China and Laos. KTC Lab developed a new line of premium sportswear to offer its customers new innovative solutions.




Logo Lorima klWhether it concerns Open 60 feet, sailing yachts of America’s Cup Racer, premium yachts or just Open 16, Lorima which is based in Lorient, FRA, produces the carbon masts of different dimensions up to 53 meters. They work out the masts by innovative technology and superior design in the hangar of 5,000 m². This globally recognized quality will be also presented on the deck during our ANT-ARCTIC-LAB project for optimum propulsion of our boat.



Dimension Polyant – DP

Dimension PolyantDimension POLYANT is a manufacturer of innovative sails. The company supports this project by the development and production of sails specially designed for this round the world trip. This commitment proves that Dimension POLYANT holds a world leader position in this sector.



FSE Robline


FSE Robline is one of the leaders in the sailing and yachting cordage production. The company uses our record and development project, which represents an optimal development platform for the performance test of high-quality lines.





Oceanvolt Oy is a Finnish company producing complete integrated electric and hybrid propulsion systems for boats in the range of 20 to 85 feet. Each and every part of the system has been specifically designed by Oceanvolt for electrical use. The automatic hydro generation feature and the complete energy management system are state of the art.



Vincent Lebailly Yacht Design

Vincent Lebailly Yacht Design neu

For many years now, Vincent Lebailly stands for design and architecture of creative sailing yachts. As a long-time partner, we are happy to realize our Open60 AAL with the support of Vincent and his team.



Lebailly Fils

Lebailly Fils neu1

The family company Lebailly Fils, was founded in France in 1884 is specialized in the construction of wood and aluminium-windows as well as in winter gardens. With the acquisition of the rights of the small cruiser series Bi-Loup (www.wrighton-bi-loup.com) Lebailly Fils began to build up also their competences in the CNC-Cutting. We are happy to have a creative and competent partner for the machining in our team.



Rivoyre Ingenierie

Rivoyre Ingenerie

It is an honour to welcome Franck de Rivoyre and Christophe Larose, two of the most experienced structural engineers in France as  official partners in our team! For Franck and Christophe, the exploration of our material concept in terms of material strength is particularly interesting, because both of them see the future of nautics in sustainable, fully recyclable but nevertheless high performed yachts!



Southampton Solent University

Southampton Solent University

The Southampton Solent University supports us in the necessary test- and analyses works concerning to our material concept and the combination of individual in that used materials.




Rzocean neu

Thanks to Rézocean, a renowned operator for telecommunication our WIFI data highway works with high speed. As Rézocean also offers many other communication services, such as video controlling and video conferencing, the entire construction of Open60 AAL is recorded by time-lapse camera. We are permanently connected to our global partners and therefore we can operate our extensive data exchange very efficient, thanks Rézocean.



Sascha Ende

Ende 275

Sascha Ende, our music partner is music producer, filmmaker and photographer. Taking pictures with drones is also part of his repertoire. Sascha provides amongst others the “acoustical tension” for our videos.



Les Sables d’Olonne - Frankreich

Les Sables d'OlonneLes Sables D'Olonne is a French town located at the Atlantic coast, it is a port of pleasure and a fishing port. The town situates in the department of Vendée which gives its name every four years to the world-know sailing race, the Vendée Globe. The Vendée Globe race starts and ends in Les Sables d'Olonne. Les Sables d'Olonne be as well the home port, the port of departure and the port of arrival for the ANT-ARCTIC-LAB project during round the world trip.



Association Les Sables d’Olonne Vendée Course au Large

Association Les Sables Vendee Course au LargeThe association “Les Sables d’Olonne Vendée Course au Large” promotes and supports extreme sailing projects which include a lot of innovation and sustainability. The association hosts and organizes also offshore-events and record attempts. “So, why not project ANT-ARCTIC-LAB?” And it happened: the association is now official partner and supporter of our project.


Communauté de communes des Olonnes

Communauté de communes des Olonnes

Communauté de communes des Olonne is a municipalities association in the French department Vendée in the region Pays de la Loire. The member municipalities are Château d'Olonne, Olonne-sur-Mer and Les Sables d'Olonne. Les Sables d'Olonne is also place of construction of our Open60AAL as well as start- and final port of destination of project ANT-ARCTIC-LAB.



Arctic05 International Polar Organisation

Arctic05 International-Polar-Organisation

Together with Arctic05, which campaigns for the protection of the Arctic already for many years, we want to transfer the issue of sustainability and natural protection. In collaboration with Patrick Reader, who is the founder of the organisation, we do not only want to illustrate this, we also want to prove that sporting and tourism can be also done in a completely environmentally acceptable way.