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A week-end on the boat show…

… in Arcachon!

This week-end we were at the Arcachon Boat Show.
The main topic of the boat show was innovation!

Nobert took part in a round-table about innovation onboard the wonderful three-master: Le Marité.
An exchange organised by Sud-Ouest with 4 speakers including skipper Lalou Roucayrol.

To stay in the innovation theme, Norbert was jury for “The Innovation Trophies” for the nautical sector. A challenge organized by Nina allowing 9 companies and start-up to present their innovative project.
Finally, the SNSM (maritime search and rescue service) have caught our attention with a rescue demonstration with a helicopter.

We were very happy to introduce the ANT-ARCTIC-LAB project on stage. Thank you Vincent Balard to allow us to exchange with the public all the week-end long! 😊